Paramotor Conversion Course

Paramotor Conversion Course

The Conversion Course is for PG2 qualified pilots wanting to learn to paramotor, as a way to explore more of our beautiful country on low wind days.

Paramotoring differs from free flight as the landing speed is faster, launching involves the balance of wing and throttle control, and you need to allow for torque forces (weight shift technique).

The conversion course will ensure you are confident with the transition to powered flight and able to enjoy your flights.

Course Content:

Understanding of equipment
Torque forces and the effects they have
Motor maintenance, including fuel mixture and optimal carb settings
Ground handling - motor specific
Launching techniques - motor specific
Air space VHF radio training
Understanding turbulance
Landing process at aerodromes
Pre-flight checks
Emergency procedures

Equipment you will need for this course:

1. Reliable and serviced paramotor

You can bring your own motor or we can sell you a brand new out-of-the-box Parajet or Scout paramotor. You are required to have your own paramotor for this course.

2. Altimeter 

An altimeter will tell you altitude and airspace, and you can purchase a Flymaster through our shop.

3. Headset with communication (radio)

We stock the Icaro 2000 range of paramotor helmets, with a headset of your choice. We can advise you on where to buy a compatible radio.

4. Flight deck 

The flight deck allows you to mount your Flymaster and radio on your lap so they remain visible. These are also available in our shop.

Paramotor - Conversion Course Dates




Caleb Stewart

Caleb Stewart

Man what a trip it has been learning to fly with Mt Paragliding! Paragliding is such an exciting and awesome sport.

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4 flight days, usually flying at the raglan aerodrome

If you are bringing your own engine ensure you have the manual and it has been serviced recently.

Bring 5litres of new fuel mixed to manuafactures specifications


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