SIV Course

We are excited to be teaming up with Sky Out Paragliding in Sydney to run both tow endorsement and S.I.V. courses

Through experienced instruction you will build confidence in both your gear and piloting ability. These courses are a must for all pilots regardless of experience.

Who should do SIV?

Every paragliding pilot should do S.I.V. training. Well run S.I.V. courses with experienced instructors build wing confidence and understanding. As you go through this course you will become a pilot in charge of your wing, recognising situations as they develop and how to pilot those situations without incident.

S.I.V. is about enhancing your ability and confidence, and therefore enjoyment in our sport. Doing this course with a group is more fun then going alone so come and join a supportive like minded group.

The tow course is completed first 

Your training starts with a safety briefing and theory lesson which covers all aspects of towing - boat and vehicle based. We will then move out to Lake St Clair and begin our paraglider tow training (minimum of 10 tows of varied height including simulated emergencies).
The Tow Endorsement Clinics are taught using Pay-Out winching, resulting in our pilots gaining experience in both towing techniques. This course will complete your NZHGPA PTP Paraglider tow pilot rating.

Then we move onto S.I.V. 

This is your course. Progression through manoeuvres depends on your skill and what you want to achieve. Flying over the beautiful Lake St Clair in the Hunter Valley, you will learn all aspects of controlling your wing.

S.I.V. training develops flying skills and builds confidence in yourself and your wing, enabling you to maximise your performance and make the most of your airtime. ​The course is suitable for both novice and advanced pilots wanting to develop skills, build confidence and explore their wings performance.  

Manoeuvres conducted at the S.I.V. Clinic may include the following:

Big Ears, B line stall, Big Big ears, asymmetric deflation's (from trim, accelerated and dynamic), symmetric deflation's (from trim, accelerated and dynamic), Search for spin, Search for flat spin, Search for stall, stalls and variations of (slow entry, trim entry, spin entry, acro stall), spiral dives and variations of, turn reversals, wing overs, Acro (sats, loops etc)

S.I.V. is no longer a box ticking exercise with the course based on enhancing pilot skill and understanding.

Our course includes -

  1. Transport to and from Sydney's international airport 
  2. Daily transport to and from flying sites
  3. Accommodation
  4. SAFA Visiting pilot membership
  5. Tow course
  6. SIV course

We take care of the logistics - you just have to get to Sydney's international airport with your flying gear. Transport is using a comfortable 12 seater van easily able to transport 8 people and all equipment. Accommodation is a 4 bedroom house in Singleton which is around 15 minutes from the course location, and is a mix of double rooms and single beds with full cooking facilities and three bathrooms. SAFA visiting pilot membership is around $105NZD and covers membership to Australia's equivalent to the NZHGPA.

Jocky Sanderson runs courses with Sky Out Paragliding, however, due to current COVID-19 travel restrictions we are unsure if he will be running our courses.

During your 5 day stay, weather permitting, we may also get to thermal fly and hike and fly.

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Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

Come learn with these guys its a blast

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Yes. Once you return to New Zealand we will submit your paperwork to the NZHGPA for conversion to PTP Paraglider Tow Pilot.

Absolutely. Sky Out Paragliding will tick off all completed exercises for you to submit with your PG3 paperwork.

This course is tailored to suit all pilots from novice to expert.

This course is a great way to build confidence in both your wing and competence in your flying skills. This will advance your flying more quickly.

Here is a helpful podcast from cloud based mayhem on SIV and why do one and the benefits.

With competence comes confidence. After this course you will be a better pilot - flying more actively and relaxed knowing you are practiced in various situations and how to pilot your wing.

For most pilots the wing is piloting them. We need to pilot our wing 100% of the time, also referred to as active piloting.

Travel will be the day before and the day after the course. This gives us 5 full days to enjoy the course. 

We meet at Sydney's international airport the day before the course starts. A meeting time will be confirmed upon booking a place.

Course 1

Travel Dates are 13th and 19th Arrival time in Sydney is before 12pm. Minibus will be leaving Sydney airport for Singleton at 1pm. We will then be back at Sydney airport on the 19th between 11 and 12pm to drop off and pick up course 2 participants.

Course 2

Travel Dates are 19th and 25th Arrival time in Sydney is before 12pm. Minibus will be leaving Sydney airport for Singleton at 1pm. We will then be back at Sydney airport on the 25th between 11 and 12pm to drop off.

You will need Australian currency for food and refreshments.

Equipment you will need to bring - 

  • well-maintained & certified paraglider, harness & parachute (aka reserve)
  • paragliding helmet
  • protective eye wear (clear goggle type or sun glasses)
  • tow release bridal
  • UHF radio w/ headset or speaker-mic (water-proof pouch provided) - HGFA channels
  • A hook knife is recommended when towing

Please note - A life vest will be provided and must be worn during S.I.V. training

We have booked a house in Singleton to accommodate 8 people in comfort. It has full kitchen facilities so we can cook or eat out.

There are double bedrooms and a bunk/single bed room.

Up until 15th April you can get a full refund.

This is the date the course will need to be paid for in full.

You will receive a full refund in the event we are unable to travel due to Covid.


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