Flymaster NAV SD


Flymaster NAV SD

Engineered for maximum performance

The NAV SD is designed for the competition pilot, having all the bells and whistles fly comps fast and effectively but without the Live tracking functions.

Don't get caught in airspace

With Flymasters 3D airspace warning system you will have ample information to navigate around restriced airspace zones.

Learn more about Airspace avoidance...
The Flymaster 3D airspace avoidance system provides tools to manage airspaces. Restricted areas can be seen in an embedded Map, or on dedicated page. The Map can be complemented with numerical, and text information using data fields. The Critical Airspaces dedicated page can be used to see detailed information about areas that are close to the pilot.
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The structural design of the GPS casing makes it far more sturdy than the previous range of instruments and provides high strength protection of the screen against scratches and breaking.

The Flymaster GPS is “navigation made simple” for leisure and cross-country flights, ensuring the best value for money on the market, and adding a significant increase in safety with the 3D restricted air-spaces features.

Main Features: 

GPS with 50 channels, high sensitivity (-160 dBm), fast start-up (< 1 second Time-To-First-Fix for hot and aided starts ), 4 Hz position update rate

High contrast and resolution display (320x240)
High sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer (resolution of 0.01 m/s)
Next to climb indicator;
“Data Logger” with capacity for up to 300,000 points including position, velocity and altitude (833h of flight with 10s interval)
Wireless interface for connection of air-speed probe, temperature probes, etc.
Li-ion rechargeable battery (up to 30 hours of flight).
Over 400 waypoints capacity
Taking advantage of the Flymaster NAV's new graphic processor, which also allows gray scales and increased definition graphics, pilots can customize their own multiple screen layouts using the new FLYMASTER DESIGNER.
Flymaster NAV includes 3D restricted flight areas, including setting alarms approach, 2D view of controlled areas and numerical data of its altitude

For more information and downloads, please check the manufacturer's web site.

Taking advantage of the SD card storage capacity the instrument provides worldwide airspace data. Pilot can fly from country to country without any concerns about changing airspace data files.

AGL & Airspaces data files

Above Ground Level (AGL) and Airspaces data are not included with Flymaster SD instruments.

You can download the airspaces and AGL data files for free and copy them on to an SD card (see instructions) however the total size of these files is 10.2 GB i.e. HUGE so this may take a very long time to do, and you may incur charges from your internet service provider.

Alternatively you can buy a convenient Flymaster Micro SD card with all the Above Ground Level (AGL) data and airspaces preloaded.

Design your own instrument

Need more or less data on your flight screens, with Flymasters' unique Designer you can create the instrument you like and need for your style of flying.

Learn more about Designer...

Taking advantage of the Flymaster NAV SD graphic processor, which also allows gray scales and increased definition graphics, pilots can customize their own multiple screen pages using the new Flymaster DESIGNER.

Using the designer users can add, resize or move objects, and increase the font size of text, allowing users of any age (and eye-sight quality) to get the most out of their unit.

The Flymaster Designer is a free application allowing users to design and manage, the screen layout of Flymaster instruments, and update the firmware. An unlimited number of layouts can be created,and shared with other users.

Thermal efficiently

Flymasters' unique thermal ball will help you find the thermal core quicker and the zero buzzer make sure don't fly past lift.

Learn more about Thermal Ball...

The Thermal Core Map is one of the most useful, and exclusive feature of the NAV SD. This map corresponds to a black dot which is shown inside the inner navigation wheel. During a thermal climb the NAV SD keeps track of the strongest climb values and graphically represent the strongest one by a dot. The pilot can then search for a new core and if needed return to the last one by following the dot.

Another well known feature is the Buzzer Sound which is produced when the rate of climb is close to, but has not yet reached the specified Climb threshold. Since the Buzzer starts earlier than the normal vario sound is an amazing companion in flight allowing the pilot to pick-up thermals he would have usually missed.

Flight Sharing

Flight Sharing can be extended beyond the LIVE-TRACKING. Just with a few key strokes you can send your flights, just after landing, to several well know databases like Leonardo, or DHV.


The NAV SD has a built in low power wireless interface for connecting compatible accessories. The list of Flymaster wireless accessories is the most complete on the market. Already available for the NAV SD are the HEART-G, TAS and M1.

So Easy

The Flymaster NAV SD implements an easy intuitive menu driven system with no need to memorise multiple functions on keys with long key presses.

Tech Specs

Main Hardware Characteristics

Display Resolution (High Contrast Grey Scale) 320x240 pixels
Screen size (true viewing area) 76x57 mm
Battery Capacity (Lithium-Ion) 2900 mAh
Autonomy > 30 hours
Size 155x92x24 mm (Length x Width x Thickness)
Weight 212 gr
GPS 50 channels/4hz
Native USB Connection Allows connection to the PC to download/upload Flight Data, Airspaces Data, etc
Battery Charging From wall adapter, car adapter or standard usb port
RF Interface Allows the wireless connection of several external probes, like HEART-G or TAS probe, simultaneously.
Micro SD slot Up to 32 GB
6 Axis accelerometer and magnetometer Allows 6-degrees of freedom Tilt-compensated Compass)
Firmware update by USB (upgrades are free)

Interface Features

User definable pages (each page can be draw using designer software, and include a number of elements only limited by space). 16
Configurable graphical elements (depending of the element several parameters can be set by the user ex. Size, Border, …) 12
Configurable data field elements (User can change size, border, title, Font, ...) 84
Page Trigger Events (page switches automatically if a specific event occurs)

Airspace warning
Entering thermal
Transition (leaving thermal)
Arriving at turnpoint
Start opened
Power up

Multi lingual interface


Configurable audible alerts

Turnpoint complete
Start Open
Goal Possible

Definable function keys

Set Altimeter
Reset Altimeter 2
Task Navigator
Skip Waypoint
Set Volume
Near Airfields
Switch Page
Page Browser
Report Back

Variometer/Altimeter Features

Buzzer/near thermal sound.
Ultra sensitive Variometer with 10 readings per second and 10 cm resolution.
Configurable vario digital filter and integration values.
Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, increments, frequency/vertical speed relation,….).
6 Sound Levels (configurable by menu, or using a key).
Automatic mute, keeps vario silent until takeoff.
Altitude adjustment using QNH.
Automatic altitude adjustment from GPS.
3 independent altimeters.

Memory Features

3D flight logger IGC format.
Storage for >300000 track points.
Up to 248 flights.
448 Waypoints.

3D Airspace

Compatibility with Open Air format (upload of files using Designer).
Display of restricted areas in map
Adjustable warning vertical distance to a restriced area
Adjustable warning horizontal distance to a restriced area
Display of shortest Vertical, and Horizontal, distance to restricted area
Resctrited area alarms (Altitude imminent, Position imminent, Violation, …)
Critical Airspace page (displays information about areas that are closer than a defined distance) 

Cross Country Features

Exclusive Thermal Ball indicator
Several specific data fileds like Distance to take off, current and avarage glide ratio, avarage speed, etc.
Distance to last thermal indexed with altitude
Goto waypoint
Multiple waypoint route
Wind Speed and Direction (GPS based calculations)
Automatic altitude gain profiler
McCready related values like speed to fly, next termal climb, etc. (available with the TASProbe)
Nearby Landings (Displays Required Glide Ratio and distance to all the Landings which can be reached) 

Competition Features

Route Optimization (indication for shortest route point)
Speed to Start (optimal speed to make the start)
Arriving altitude at next waypoint and goal (considering wind)
Several Glides Ratios (to goal, average, to next,…)
Easy task definition
Task Navigation, configurable safety/risk margin on turn points.
Task Map (trace with thermal indication)
Conical End of Speed Section

Live Tracking

Upload of flight data to repositories using the GSM network (compatible with several repositories like Leonardo XC server, XContest, DHV)
Automatic almost real time flight data sending to a remote live tracking server through GSM network. (compatible with several servers like Flymaster, LiveTracking24, DHV, etc)
On demand sending of Predefined messages to a server (eg. Need Assistance, Need Retrieval, etc)
Automatic data receiving from a remote server like alarm messages, task definition, etc.
Periodic sending of SMS with position to a predefined number.
Event triggered sending of SMS with position to a predefined number.


Compatible with MacOSX (1.6 and higher), Windows (vista/7/8)


See the Downloads page on the Flymaster website.

Flymaster Support

Flymaster website for this product is 

Technical support: 


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