Mount Paragliding offers a great selection of paragliding gliders to purchase. From student wings to cross-country wings to speed wings; we have your paragliding needs covered. We offer FREE DELIVERY on orders over NZ$500 and Finance is available through Q Mastercard and Q Card with Long Term Finance. Contact Darrell if you have any questions.

UP Ascent 4 »

The first glider in a pilot’s life might be his most important one

Element 3

Ozone Element 3 »

Element 3 is a great wing to learn to paraglide

Mojo 5

Ozone Mojo 5 »

Mojo 5 is a fun versatile glider

Ozone Jomo

Ozone Jomo »

Beautiful lightweight beginner-intermediate hike/fly

Ozone Ultralite 4

Ozone Ultralite 4 »

Hike & Fly or Traveling this wing is light and beautiful to fly.

UP Makalu 4 (Low En-B) »

The new Makalu 4 is everything you ever dreamed of in the EN B class.

UP Kibo »

The UP Kibo is the true all-rounder.

UP Lhotse lightweight »

The new UP Lhotse (EN B) lightweight hike & fly and adventure glider.

Ozone Buzz Z6

Ozone Buzz Z6 »

For talented beginners to the most experienced pilots

Geo 5

Ozone Geo 5 »

For pilots who seek a highly versatile lightweight wing

Ozone Rush 5

Ozone Rush 5 »

Beautiful thermalling glider in the sport intermediate class.

Ozone Swift 5

Ozone Swift 5 »

Best in class glide performance across the entire speed range

Ozone Delta 3

Ozone Delta 3 »

For pilots searching for the next generation of XC performance.

Ozone Alpina 3

Ozone Alpina 3 »

A lightweight wing that can handle serious XC

Ozone Mantra M7

Ozone Mantra M7 »

By far the most advanced 3 liner Ozone have produced.

Ozone Shield Helmet »

Comfortable and lite at 390g, one size fits all.


SupAir Pilot helmet »

The PILOT helmet is specially developed by SUPAIR for paragliding. It is modern, comfortable and very light

Blue IC2 Nerv freefly helmet

Icaro 2000 Nerv Helmets »

Icaro 2000 Nerv free fly helmets. Comfortable, quality helmets

Eona 2 ENA

SupAir Paragliders Quality Products »

SupAir Paragliders Quality Gliders

Find the link under package contents to choose your glider wisely.

Paraglider Test Reports »

Understand glider testing and reports, Choose your glider wisely.

Christmas Vouchers

Gift Voucher »

A gift for christmas

12 Months Interest free

Pre Approved Finance 12 month payment holiday and12 Months interest free »

Apply now for your 12 month payment holiday and 12 months interest free finance


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