Icaro Buteo XC




The Game Changer

After 2 years of developing, innumerable prototypes and based on the architecture of the GRAVIS, the BUTEO XC will be a game changer within the paragliding industry. We have been able to incorporate MID EN-B safety with astonishing HIGH level EN-C performance. We truly believe, this glider is going to influence the paragliding world sustainably. Entirely made out of light materials, this glider weighs 222gram/m² only. The BUTEO XC has 82 supporting ribs, with additional 80 mini ribs along the leading edge. This results into 162 effectively working LE ribs, which is normally a design feature on EN-D gliders.

Who is it for


The BUTEO XC is made for all pilots targeting for long distance flying, without compromising safety aspects. Pushing the limits in XC flying is only possible, if glider and pilot becomes a unit. The BUTEO XC allows to safely enter the world of ultra high performance gliders for enthusiastic EN-B pilots. Also, this glider will push the limits of experienced EN-C pilots further as the accelerated gliding and stable canopy will allow to fly closer on the limit as on any other EN-C glider.


The BUTEO XC is designed to be the ultimate XC machine. That means we have been tweaking all aspects of performance regardless of flat land or alpine flying.
The glider has a moderate trim speed, allowing you to turn flat in light thermals, while being agile enough to also turn tight in strong, tough conditions. The 162 LE-ribs creating an incredible smooth top-sail surface, which enables ultimate gliding performance even in moving air. The entire concept is trimmed to perform the best once you hit the speed bar. XC flying is all about travelling from A to B as fast as possible with the best glide ratio available. Here, the BUTEO XC will showcase his full potential. By using the best and latest materials, the glider is also relatively light, taking its design complexity into consideration.  


Like all Icaro gliders, the design of the BUTEO XC shows a unique detail of the Icaro Edelweiss flower – selected to fit every glider´s special characteristics and your desire to make a lasting impression in the sky.



„The BUTEO XC sets the benchmark for safe and performing cross country wings. The glider feels intuitive and safe from the very first second. Optimized for accelerated flying, this wing will allow you to push your personal limits further.“

 Ralf Grösel


Colour options available

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