UP Kibo 2




In the box: Ergonomic Backpack in size M for all, glider bag, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker.

Kibo 2

What's new?

Compared to its predecessor, the Kibo²  flies even calmer and its handling feels more direct. Due to the slightly softer canopy, we were able not only to increase the passive safety significantly but also improve the wings feedback. Thanks to this enhancement you will not only feel the thermals immediately when entering them, but also you will experience how easy you can find the cores of the upwinds. In addition, we implemented the extremely efficient speed system from our Trango X-Race. This feature will definitely make you smile while flying on distance. In order to be able to offer greater performance combined with improved safety, we have incorporated our know-how from high-performance development (Meru, Guru) into the creation of the Kibo². This includes positive and negative 3-D panel shaping to create an extremely clean and low-drag leading edge. Thanks to the new Snaplock, we were able to realize your desire for a better attachment of the brake handles. The mix between a magnet and popper combines the advantages of both models. Worn out poppers and weak magnets are no longer of concern thanks to Snaplock.

Who is the Kibo² for?

Like its predecessor, the Kibo² is positioned in the middle B-segment. Kibo pilots will immediately feel comfortable flying the Kibo².

Because of its excellent climbing ability and outstanding glide performance in this class, the Kibo² is not only for pilots who like to stay on their home mountain but also for everybody who enjoys the experience of extended XC flights. A true all-rounder! This makes the Kibo² the perfect choice for all who want to move up from the A-Class as well as for advanced, safety-conscious and frequent pilots. The Kibo² offers you a high level of comfort and reliability combined with a good dose of performance.

How does the Kibo² fly?

Take off: Similar to its predecessor, the Kibo² can be easily launched in any situation. The glider rises symmetrically until it stops above the pilot where it waits to get the final impulse to take off.
In the Air: The Kibo² is direct on brake and very agile without being nervous. The sophisticated canopy with its moderate aspect ratio is great fun to fly and just a little easier than its predecessor!

In the box: Ergonomic Backpack in size M for all sizes, glider bag, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker.

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