Scout NXT Paramotor




Scout NXT – Ultimate Adventure Machine

We do not take anything as given. We have completely redesigned how paramotor chassis and harnesses look like for years. We have implemented the advantages of a climbing harness, mountaineering backpack and paragliding harness to give you the best handling. Now, even being loaded with full luggage bags and filled out with 19 liters of fuel for your big adventures, the NXT feels lighter and handles like a dream. 

Completely foldable seat board allows you to run faster and easier while the waist strap holding over 80% of the weight allows you to freely move your shoulders, giving you full control over the glider.

What is your NXT adventure?

Variable Frame Geometry

Most paramotors have a parallel frame construction providing good enough position for ground handling but less than ideal position in flight. Prop is reclined, sacrificing some thrust to keep it comfortable, obviously not the ideal solution.

The Scout One has a recline angle built into the frame thus keeps the prop perfectly vertical in flight and your back comfortably reclined. As a downside of this, it makes ground handling a little bit more difficult, not a problem at all if you do it right.

But now with variable frame geometry, you can have the benefits of both!

The back stays perfectly parallel on the ground allowing you to straighten up and having a great view into your glider.  Once airborne the frame geometry changes to give you a nice reclined angle for your comfort. Magic!

Easiest getting in and out of the harness ever

Some paramotors are easier to get seated but more difficult to get out out the harness for landing. Some paramotors are easy to get out of the harness but impossible to get seated without using your hands or a support bar.

Now with the NXT there is no need for compromises. We have completely redesigned the harness geometry. The main strap of the seat board is sliding through a shackle allowing the seat to fold all the way down for easy takeoff and landings. Getting into the seat is just as simple as lifting your knees, the seat board will follow effortlessly.

Feels lighter on your back than it is

Paramotors are sometimes called as backpack aircraft. While being a great aircraft, they are rather bad backpacks. Any pilot carrying a paramotor looks far from enjoying it.   And for years this was the same. Why?

We have completely redesigned the harness being inspired by backpacks. Incorporating a waist belt and a proper backpack geometry we have transferred the majority of the weight to the waist. Your shoulders are now unloaded, free to move and easier to reach for glider controls.

Yes, it truly feels much lighter. We do not know why did we not come with this idea earlier.

More comfortable to launch

Having you paramotor higher on your back due to the waist belt and backpack geometry has one major benefit: more legroom for longer steps and a faster run. As the seat folds down all the way it does not block your range of motion.

Especially pilots flying with small sporty gliders or pilots fully loaded for their expedition flights would really appreciate this new freedom to run fast

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Icaro 2000 Solar X Paramotor Helmets
Airband Radio Yaesu FTA-450L

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