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Standard Enduro Paramotor

Gooseneck bars

Vittorazi Moster 185 engine

Scout comfort harness


Enduro Stand

Scout Carbon Propeller

Safe Start

Scout One revolutionizing the world of paramotoring:

Instead of using aluminum or steel tubes we have used carbon fiber profiles to manufacture a true aerodynamic aircraft. We have even defeated laws of physics where others have accepted the torque steer as given. All this makes the scout paramotor so intuitive and natural to fly that it will make you a better pilot.
Forget about everything you leave on the ground and just flow through the sky.

Unique Dynamic Torque Compensation.

Our main innovation is the unique torque compensation. It is the obvious difference between the SCOUT and other paramotors. Something you see at first sight and you feel on the first flight.  This is a game-changing innovation.

How does Dynamic Torque Compensation work?

We use airfoil-shaped profiles on the cage. When air flows around them, these profiles act just like blades on a windmill. When torque turns the paramotor to the right, the Dynamic Torque Compensation will turn it back into position. Balanced.


How to choose a paramotor?


Enduro Model

Hoop made of high grade aluminium 7075 T6. Matte anodisation to match the carbon look

More affordable, still sexy


Carbon Model

Proper aircraft profiles. Exceptional fit and finish

A true carbon masterpiece


Start safe with the Safe-Start

The Safe Start system is a  small computer that monitors the revolutions of the engine. In case the revolutions increase suddenly right after start, this device will instantly shut the engine off, preventing injuries during startup.

Batteries will last 2 years

Because the energy consumption of the Safe-Start is really low, you don´t need to switch it off all when you finished flying, you can leave it on all the time. This way you won´t forget to switch it on back again.
And what happens when the batteries drain out. Absolutely nothing, your engine will keep on working just like without the Safe-Start.

Finance is available on this product. 

Interest free for up to 12 months. Payment holiday for up to 12 months.

Visit the Finance page for more details.

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