About Us

Mount Paragliding

Mount Paragliding is passionate about teaching people this beautiful sport.

Having a group of like minded individuals on a
sunny weekend, enjoying life and flight is something that we are very proud to
be providing. For students to fly solo after ground handling, often on day one,
is so exhilarating it's hard to put into words. We love teaching this sport.


Darrell established Mount Paragliding in 2016 with no equipment and very little money. To this day Its hard to believe how popular we have become.

Darrell teaches with a passion to give people a once in a lifetime feeling of free flight. The smiles after day one say it all.

By watching our first flight videos you will understand how Darrell has built a reputation as a calm voice when instructing.

We constantly meet great people on our courses come join us we would love to have you.


Unlock Your Potential in our PG1 Course Through Brad's Energy and Expertise.

Brad brings enthusiasm and big smiles to all our courses.

His teaching style is a perfect mix of instruction verbal ques to have you learning fast and with a big smile.


Capturing Lasting Memories with Andrea's Camera Collections.

Andrea is the brains behind all the photos and flight videos, she really captures the moment.

Her videos give people lasting memories of one of the best days of their life with us.



We designed a simulator to instruct how to launch, fly and land prior to flying, its been a real game changer building confidence prior to leaving the ground.

It enables us to fit the harness correctly to train weight shift with correct brake inputs for smooth controlled turns and landing flare training.

A real game changer for our students and removes guesswork and builds confidence prior to solo flights.

Master the Art of Launching, Flying, and Landing with Our Simulator.

VR Simulator

We also now teach using Virtual Reality. This is a fantastic addition to our teaching and gets the thumbs up from everyone who uses it.

Experience what it feels like to leave the ground and fly a paraglider it really is very realistic.

In VR you can practice thermal flying, top landings and active flying in turbulence even landing on a floating pontoon on the water.

This is a game changer.

Our Philosophy

Teaching is about understanding the individual's way of learning and adapting the approach to get the best out of everyone.

The learning phase of flying is a very memorable experience and if this phase is done well, it will keep you safe and enjoying paragliding for a lifetime.

We provide a friendly, family learning environment, and believe that by sharing knowledge and experiences we all become better pilots.

Our goal is to produce pilots with the mental and practical skills required to enjoy the sport without nervous take-offs and questionable landings. Pilots will have the skills to travel to other sites, assess the surroundings and fly confidently.

Skilled pilots will help to grow our safe and beautiful sport.

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