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Advanced Paragliding

Advanced Paragliding

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 Gavin draws on over eight years of in-depth interviews with over 100 top pilots in the world (Bruce Goldsmith, Chrigel Maurer, Kelly Farina …)

Advanced Paragliding is aimed at all intermediate pilots up, to help them build on their foundations and progress. There’s a big focus on aerology, meteorology, psychology, safety and risk-management.

With Gavin’s incredible popularity among a listener base of 30,000+ pilots, the book ‘Advance Paragliding” is set to be a massive worldwide success.

“This book is an international curated collection of voices, experiences, perspectives, and approaches to the sport that we all love. It is the undeniable power of the lead gaggle, with the best pilots in the world sharing their knowledge. And it is not just about techniques. It is also about the philosophy of adventure, the value of accepting risk and managing it, and the importance of training the mind as well as the body. It is about the flying life.” – Bill Belcourt

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