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Bluefly Vario

Bluefly Vario

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This is the latest evolution of the classic BlueFly. Connect to your phone or other device with Bluetooth, and it also works as a stand alone audio vario. You can connect it via USB to adjust settings. The Bluetooth_USB model of the BlueFly is designed for use with Android or iOS to connect to free flight apps

The Bluefly varios measure vertical speed and altitude based on atmospheric pressure. The pressure sensor inside the Bluefly does this 50 times every second, with a resolution that enables the measurement of tiny altitude differences of just 10 cm. Turn it on and it beeps pleasantly when you go up. It is super responsive. Simple. 


Flight instruments are awesome devices to help pilots know the air. Even the best components are pretty cheap and the instruments should be too. The BlueFlyVario project grew from a not-for-profit hobby that got out of control. The Bluefly varios of today remain focused on meeting what pilots need to fly above profit. This pilot focused philosophy continues to motivate the production and ongoing development of awesome little varios.

The package includes:

  • BlueFlyVario_Bluetooth_USB_v12.3 main board programmed with the latest firmware, and with a small piece of neoprene protecting the sensor.
  • 750 mAh Lithium Polymer battery.
  • The translucent blue BlueFly case with four screws and the machined acrylic button.
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