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Independence Trigon Steerable reserve

Independence Trigon Steerable reserve

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Our new Trigon series combines the unbeatable qualities of our cruciform lightweight series (ultralight) with controllability! The controllability of this triangular parachute is an option, which can be activated, so that in case of an emergency close to ground controllability can't become a safety concern.

Like in our cruciform parachutes the effective and low shape of our new lightweight series Trigon makes these reserves extremely stable, fast opening and grants a very low sink rate. If required, Trigon is controllable so that you can avoid obstacles with this parachute. However its controllability is only an option, which needs to be activated when required. If the pilot doesn't enable the controllability, Trigon works like a conventional, non-controllable reserve - an important safety issue regarding deployments close to ground.

Independence Trigon is easy to repack similar to a standard square reserve.

A unique fabric exclusively manufactured for independence, made of 10D sturdy Nylon 6.6 with only 22 g/m² weight, which has proven its worth for years in our Ultra Cross series, made it possible to develop this reserve.

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