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Ozone Alta

Ozone Alta

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Pinnacle Performance, Light Weight

The Alta is a new breed of paraglider! It has performance equal to gliders in the category above, combined with our most cutting edge lightweight paraglider technology. And it's easy: it has the reliability and ease of use found in our safest wings.

The Alta's stunning glide performance, light weight, and ease of use make it an attractive wing to a wide range of pilots. With design and construction techniques used in our X-Alps wings and all of the features which have made our beginner wings so famously safe, it is the most powerful and versatile EN A wing that we have ever flown.

The Pilot

The Alta is designed for pilots who "want it all", in a highly safe and reliable wing. If you want the performance necessary to fly XC, but prioritize ease of use & safety, and also want a light and versatile wing for everyday flying, then the Alta has what you need.

It sits solidly in the EN A category in terms of passive safety and reliability, yet has the glide performance of a mid-range EN B. Whether you're launching from a coastal dune or a high alpine col, going XC or just thermalling locally, the Alta will take you there with ease.

This unique combination of design tech has created a wing that is forgiving, easy to launch and fly, durable enough to be your only wing, and light enough to carry anywhere.

The Tech

The Alta contains design technology that has pushed the boundaries of performance in our most advanced wings.

  • Double transversal shaping for high efficiency in the nose and leading edge.
  • Optimized intake positioning for high internal pressure and good chord stability for handling and performance.
  • The lower intake section benefits from an innovative new feature which eliminates vibration common in lower aspect ratio designs.
  • 3D referenced rib alignments for optimal airflow and efficiency.
  • The high arc design combined with winglets offers the best of both worlds: better handling, and good roll stability and spiral behaviour.
  • A new and unique profile developed from the Moxie provides fast and easy inflation and launch.
  • The low drag line plan and materials was developed from knowledge gained in the Red Bull X-Alps wing R&D program.
  • Its every-day durability makes the Alta more than just a light wing!
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