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Ozone Buzz Z7

Ozone Buzz Z7

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The new Buzz Z7 retains all of the legendary ease of use and high passive safety of the Buzz series, with the addition of the latest tech gleaned from our continuous R&D efforts.

  • New planform with increased wing sweep for improved roll stability
  • New rib alignment for improved airflow and efficiency.
  • New tab positioning improves stability in accelerated flight.
  • New leading edge construction with more reinforcement and cleaner profile.
  • New line rigging for improved load-distribution to increase agility.
  • New panel shaping in the trailing edge for improved handling and brake response.

All of these refinements have improved flight characteristics and performance. The first thing you will notice is a more linear and direct response in the brakes and the resulting increase in agility and precision of handling. Top speed has also been increased, and glide performance improved throughout the accelerator range.

This category of wing is highly important to us as it serves such a wide range of pilots, and the Z7 is the most efficient wing we have ever produced in its "True B" class. It is designed for pilots who want a fun and capable XC wing with the best passive safety available at this level.

The sail is constructed from the same materials for an ideal blend of durability and lightness, and the lower lines are now fully sheathed and colour-coordinated for ease of use and reliability on launch. Our new risers also make launch prep simpler, and flight more comfortable.

The sail weight is unchanged, still light enough to retain excellent inflation characteristics in all conditions. The leading edge has received particular attention in the design process with new reinforcements which increase solidity in the nose throughout the speed range. This new reinforcement also has the effect of eliminating flutter at top speed, and makes the wing more efficient when flown accelerated.

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