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Parajet Paramotors

Parajet Paramotors

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Parajet the Company

Parajet, located in the United Kingdom, designs and builds the most innovative paramotors available. Parajet paramotors are not just about looking good. Their inflight handling characteristics are hands down the best we have experienced - a perfect combination of stability and responsiveness, and the choice of professional pilots around the world. And when it comes to service, Parajet is one of the leaders.

3 frames, 3 missions

Parajet offers 3 frames, each optimising a unique mission objective... the lightweight Maverick, the transportable Zenith, and the super strong Volution. Since all use the same hang system, they all have the fabulous Parajet flight characteristics.

Most pilots will choose the Maverick titanium frame as it is a perfect combination of lightness and strength. The Zenith's modular design positions it as a hard core expedition machine due to compact transportability and simplicity of field repair, and weighs approximately 5 pounds more than the Maverick. The Volution's advantage is super strength - perfect for wheel launching and tandem operations. The Volution is 4 pounds heavier than the Zenith.

Engines and propellors

The Maverick is available with the 4 most popular engines in paramotoring: the Moster 185, EOS 150, Atom 80 and the Top80. These engines cover 95% of all pilots. The Zenith and Volution add several other engine options that meet the needs of pilots outside the normal mission, such pilots over 300 pounds, wheel launching, high altitude launching, and commercial operations.
Carbon fiber 125 cm propellers are standard on all ParaJets. The Zenith and Volution have a larger cage than the Maverick and can accommodate an optional 130 cm propellor. For most pilots, the 125 cm propeller is the best choice.
All ParaJets have the same mid hang point weight shift. This type of hang weight shift has become the standard on many paramotors. The Parajet version is amoung the best.

Maverick options

The Maverick is by far the most popular Parajet, available with the following engines...

For pilots choosing a Maverick with the Moster 185, the Sport is the most popular package, which includes a slightly higher performance E-Prop, cooling shroud, and travel bag. The Pro comes with the Moster 185 Factory, lighter than the Moster 185 Plus, is more expensive and delivery times are slightly longer but worth the wait.

Many ask about the differences between versions of the Moster 185. Here is a summary...

The Plus accounts for 97% of Moster 185 orders. The Factory is the other 3%. The Classic and Silent are previous versions, still available, but rarely requested. All have the same performance.

Mount paragliding can order a Parajet model and engine to suit your flying requirements

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