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Paramotor course

Paramotor course

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Why Paramotor?

Because they are adventure machines!

It means you are able to fly when most paragliders are grounded due to lack of wind.

We have had many memorable flights, and a favourite was launching at Thames aerodrome, with a stunning flight to the Coromandel aerodrome for lunch, then a re-launch to fly over the Coromandel range to Matarangi on the other coast - all on one tank of gas. The views were breathtaking.

What makes a memorable flight?

  • Good flight conditions
  • Beautiful coastal and mountain scenery
  • Smart piloting, ensuring enough height for landing options
  • Reliable Paramotor (well maintained)
  • Comfortable harness and good clothing to stay warm
  • Preparation and training

Paramotor Course

This course is for anyone wanting their Paramotor licence.

You will first learn to fly a paraglider (25 flight equipment provided) to develop wing control, and then develop motor skills with 25 motor flights.

What you need:

  1. Paragliding equipment for ground handling and short flights (all supplied)
  2. You are required to have your own Paramotor for the motor part of the course
  3. Be available for most training sessions to benefit from learning continuity
  4. NZHGPA full membership

What you get after this course is completed

You get your PP (Powered Paraglider) licence to fly paramotor solo.

This course includes some paragliding but does not licence you to paraglide solo. That is why we supply the paragliding equipment, so you don't have to buy paragliding gear you may not use after the course.



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What is involved with this course

25 Paraglider flights and 25 Powered flights

Airband radio licensing to enable you to talk to other air traffic

4 Exams

Do I need my own gear

You can use our Paragliding gear for the free flights then you will need to purchase a Paramotor to complete the powered flights

Where is this course run from

The free flights will be at Ruapuke on the North Islands west coast.

The motor flights vary in location as we often travel to you for those