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Paragliding PG2 Course

Paragliding PG2 Course

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We teach paragliding on private land at Ruapuke on the west coast.

Note: All pilots must have completed PG1 prior to starting PG2. The PG2 course is for students wanting to become licensed solo paraglider pilots.

Our course is comprehensive, fun and you learn with a great bunch of like minded people striving to be the best pilots possible. Training days take place on weekends and during the week.  

Pilots travel from all over the North Island to be part of this course. For those who need it, there are accommodation options close by.

On completion of this course, and before being signed off, you must also have demonstrated a safe attitude to paragliding and respect for landowners property.

You can purchase or rent equipment. As a student of Mount Paragliding you get access to discounts on new and used equipment. 

Fly safe, fly high!

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Can I start straight after PG1

Yes we operate full time so if you finish your PG1 course on a Sunday you can start the PG2 on the Monday.

Note: You must complete PG1 before moving to PG2

How long will it take

In perfect weather conditions PG1 & PG2 can be completed in 12-19 days.

Best way to learn this sport is to attend training as often as possible.

Do you supply equipment for PG2

Once you begin your PG2 you will need to purchase or rent paraglider and harness. 

Mount Paragliding has a lot of gear for you to try before you buy. You can purchase new or used equipment.

Another option is to rent the equipment to give you time to decide what the best gear is for you.

NZHGPA rules stipulate that approved gliders for students must be certified EN-A or EN-B.

Why rent the equipment

We don't want you to buy a paraglider that isn't a good fit for you. We suggest you take some time to try different equipment to see what fits you best.

Renting gives you the chance to try various harnesses and paraglider's.

NZHGPA rules stipulate that approved gliders for students must be certified EN-A or EN-B.

Where are these courses held

Primarily at Ruapuke on the west coast.

We also use the Kaimai and Paeroa ranges for our inland flights.

Do you run these courses during the week and on weekends

Yes we operate full time.