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Supair Strike 2

Supair Strike 2

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Compared to the STRIKE 1, it is more ergonomic, more comfortable and more flexible thanks to an optional Inflatable protector . It is intended for Hike & Fly pilots, flight bivouac and leisure. It can also be the main harness for cross country pilots looking for lightness.

Easy installation and security with the closing of the harness on the two points of attachment of the glider. The harness opens completely and closes directly on the carabiners without any other loops and on only two points.

The new geometry allows better feel of the glider to the pilot, fine and sensitive, adjustable by the distance of the belly band.

The comfort is complete with a removable comfort plate, and a geometry of the fasteners of the speedbag that allows a natural and effortless position of the legs. By selecting the AIR version, the harness will be delivered with its inflatable protection approved allowing to save weight (65g) and especially volume carried in the bag. Ideal for Hike & Fly.

For mountain landings or in case of turbulence, the harness can be flown seated with legs bent, it remains manoeuvrable and comfortable.

On take-off, the run is easy ( harness light at legstraps ), the sitting and the installation in the speedbag are obvious.
In flight, the adjustments and geometry of the harness allow adaptations to the morphology and the positions of flight of each pilot.
The seat position with the back tilted back offers excellent support.

The STRIKE 2 has been designed to be flown with dyneema or Carabiner connections. This makes the material lighter and the legstraps fixed like the harness X-Alps. 


  • New closing system, without loops, directly in the carabiners. No need to put on the right leg as on the STRIKE 1, while keeping the natural anti-forgetting security with two closing points. Only one point closed: harness is secure.
  • The Strike 2's new seat geometry transmits information to the pilot better and gives a more precise steering than the Strike 1.
  • The riser sheath of the parachute pocket is fully integrated: the risers are in the sheath all the way to the inside of the bag.
  • New geometry of the speed bag settings. The legs are supported in flight.
  • New geometry of the harness allowing a more recumbent flight , with a receding centre.
  • The harness is more resistant: approved for 120 kg instead of 100 kg. Reinforcements on the emergency riser attachments.
  • Revised size with the addition of the XL size. This allows for accurate coverage and a good fit for pilots from 5'10" to 6'10"...


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