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Understanding The Sky

Understanding The Sky

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Understanding The Sky is the essential weather book for pilots – whatever you fly.

This new edition, published in August 2022, will give you a deep understanding of meteorology, from the micro to the macro – “absolutely essential” according to top paragliding coach Greg Hamerton.

Understanding The Sky will make you a better-informed and safer pilot, able to make accurate decisions based on enhanced knowledge. Build your knowledge of the way air flows and eddies over buildings and trees, understand how micro-climates are created by coastal systems and mountains, and appreciate the impact of different cloud developments on flying conditions.

It doesn’t matter whether you fly paragliders, drones, balloons, RC models, ultralights, helicopters, or planes – this book has been the best-selling classic meteorology text for over 30 years. Substantially revised and updated, and packed with clear illustrations, you will find it seriously useful!

“So informative, so in-depth, and so relevant to free flight. A masterclass in flying weather!” – Greg Hamerton, Fly With Greg flight academy

 “Simply the best weather book – accessible and easy to read!” – Five star Amazon review


A pilot with nearly 50 years’ experience, Dennis Pagen is a respected author and meteorology expert. Dennis has served in many capacities for CIVL and the FAI, the world air sports federation. Understanding the Sky is the world’s best-selling meteorology book for sport aviation pilots.

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