Paragliding 1 (PG1) Course

This is your first exciting step towards becoming a capable pilot that's in full control. Equipment is provided so come and join the fun.

These courses are run at Ruapuke on the west coast (near Raglan).

As a Paragliding (PG) 1 student you will have a great weekend experiencing your first flights. Fly solo from day one!

This is the first step in your exciting journey towards becoming a safe and competent paragliding pilot. It's a great way to be introduced to flying without needing to purchase gear. 

You will learn - 

  • to ground handle your glider
  • launch techniques
  • flight and landing skills
  • launch and fly your glider

During the PG1 course you get to launch your glider solo - staying on the ground initially and then progressing to short flights off a low site.

"Would like to say a huge thanks to you and all the team for making my PG1 such an enjoyable 3 days. Thanks to your clear instructions and calm manner with a couple of hours guidance I was in the air and doing my first flights!! Unbelievable and super appreciated. A huge thanks to not only you but your community of pilots, such great helpful people. Looking forward to doing my PG2!"
- Josh

PG1 Details

After arriving at the flying site there will be a safety briefing, you will be issued with gear and shown what to do. After that you'll get to learn by doing. The course involves -

  • Ground handling - learning reverse & frontal launch techniques
  • 6 short top to bottom solo flights, or equivalent soaring flight/s, on radio with the instructor
  • There may also be an opportunity to have a tandem flight with the instructor, if conditions allow
  • Equipment is provided for PG1. 

"We showed up for our PG1 course and couldn't believe we were given brand new equipment. We completed the cousre in 2 days starting with ground control, then 3 short flights on day 1. We then completed the course on day 2 with another short flight then a beautiful soaring flight."

- NIck and Veronica

When you are nearing completion of PG1 and moving onto PG2 you can rent equipment or purchase a package with everything you need.

PG1 Course Dates




Paul Claridge

Paul Claridge

I had a dream to learn to parglide and paramotor and I've done it.

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This depends on your availability and weather but a guide is 2 to 3 sessions.

Bring food, water, sunscreen, sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing. Everything else is supplied.

This varies but 4 to 6 people is common.

Once you sign up you will be sent a PDF with all relevant information and added to our whatsapp group. Where and what time to meet is posted prior to each flyable day.

We train at Ruapuke on the west coast near Raglan. Wind direction determines which location we will use as there are 3 launches, notification of location and meeting time is posted on whatsapp.

Of course, we like you to include people close to you. Paragliding is an awesome sport/experience and even better when it's shared.

After meeting everyone, we have a briefing on what's going to happen during the day. You will start by watching others and then be fitted to a harness and a glider.

The process of launching the glider will be explained and then practiced. Depending on the weather we could start you with a small glider so you learn faster without being pulled around.

Once you can control the glider on the ground you are ready for your first flight.

You will only be progressed when you feel ready. Our objective is for you to have an enjoyable learning experience.

The weather conditions required to run the course are very specific,

For your comfort and safety we can not run courses in high winds or rain

We need

  • No rain
  • 5-11knots
  • Direct onshore wind direction

If you miss your selected course due to weather simply join any other PG1 course. This can be communicated through our whatsapp group.

We run courses weekdays and weekends.

The course is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

We pride ourselves on providing lots of PG1 course opportunities. If you miss your selected course you can join any other PG1 course

The course is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


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