Paragliding 1 (PG1) Course

This is your first exciting step towards becoming a quality pilot in full control. Equipment Is provided so come join the fun.

Paragliding (PG) Student PG1

Fly solo from day one!

This is the first step in your exciting journey toward becoming a safe and competent Paragliding pilot.

This is a great way to be introduced to flying without needing to purchase gear. 

You will learn about:

  • paraglider, harness care and maintenance
  • weather basics
  • launch and flight risk assessment
  • log book requirements
  • ground handle your glider
  • launch and fly your glider

And above all, making good decisions on when to fly and when not fly.

During the PG1 course you get to launch your glider solo - staying on the ground initially and then progressing to short flights off a low site.

This foundation course is comprehensive and vital to your safety and enjoyment.

PG1 Details and Price

What practical things do I get to do during PG1?

  • Ground handling learning reverse & frontal launch techniques (logged)
  • Tandem flight with instructor, if required
  • 6 short top to bottom solo flights or equivalent soaring flight on radio with instructor

Equipment is provided for PG1.

When you are nearing completion of PG1 and moving onto PG2 you can purchase a  package with everything you need. We also provide 12 months interest free through Q Card

We are not able to issue refunds for the PG1 course you can however defer to a later date as there is no expiry date with this course.

Covid 19 (piece of mind)

Due to the unknown covid 19 situation for us all Mount Paragliding is making all course dates transferable. If you sign up and choose a course date and that can not be attended we will transfer your booking to the next available date. We are currently operating under level 2.



Kevin Wylie

Kevin Wylie

I had for a number of years watched (with envy) the paragliders flying from the mount, and eventually decided I had to try the sport.  Darrell kindly took me for a tandem flight, after which I signed up for the lessons.

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PG1 Course dates



This depends on your availability and weather but a guide is 2 to 5 sessions.

Bring food, water, sunscreen and comfortable clothing. Everything else is supplied.

This varies but 2 to 4 people is common.

Once you sign up you will be added to our whatsapp group. Where and what time to meet is posted daily.

Of course, we like you to include people close to you. Paragliding is an awesome sport/experience and even better when it's shared.

After meeting everyone, we have a briefing on what's going to happen during the day. You will start by watching others and then you will be fitted to a harness and a small glider.

The process of launching the glider will be explained. We start you with a small glider so you learn faster without being pulled around.

Once you can ground handle the glider we move up in size and begin to prepare you for your first flight.

You will only be progressed when you feel ready. Our objective is for you to have an enjoyable learning experience.

We pride ousrselves in providing lots of opportunities to learn and fly.

The course runs all year round weather dependant.

Course is valid for 12months from date of purcahse. No refunds offered for this course 


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