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The Gravis² is the consistent continuation of the successful Gravis. Equipped with the latest materials available on the market, the gliders flight, start and handling characteristics are a class of its own. The safety to performance ratio is unmatched in the field of mid EN-B gliders.

In terms of performance and safety, the GRAVIS2 is the most balanced paraglider in the ICARO range. Handling and its performance are similar to paragliders of a higher category. In accelerated flight the glider is extremely manageable and has exceptional glide for this class.


The new GRAVIS² was designed for a wide range of pilots. Especially pilots who like to walk to launch will have fun with the GRAVIS². The new high-performance material and the optimized interior structure reduce the weight to "walk and fly" dimensions without having to give up flight enjoyment.
Also thermal and pleasure pilots as well as beginners in cross-country flying who want to collect their first kilometers and XC professionals who do not want to do without the passive safety of a B-wing will very much appreciate this wing.


The GRAVIS² is a symbiosis between safety, performance and dynamics which make the glider ideal for stress-free flying. A slightly higher cell count, shark nose, changed cell structure and sail tension ensure a constant internal pressure over the entire range of angles of attack. As a result, the GRAVIS² is even more stable in the air than its predecessor, even in turbulent conditions. Brake line inputs are implemented directly and precisely, making it easier than ever to center the glider in thermals.


Like all Icaro gliders, the design of the Gravis² shows a unique details of the Icaro Edelweiss flower - selected to fit every glider’s special characteristics and your desire to make a lasting impression in the sky.

Gravis² is available in two colourways:

Why an "extended weight range?“

RED = Recommend weight range
BLUE = Extended weight range

With the latest generation of paragliders, such as our newly developed GRAVIS2, much care has been taken to ensure that the paraglider‘s optimal performance is realised within the „recommended weight range“.


• passive safety
• the thermalling behaviour (climbing performance) • the gliding performance
• the sink rate

are as constant as technically possible over almost the entire weight range. For this reason, the number of glider sizes has been increased and the weight range reduced in each size. This is to help pilots find the ideal glider size and achieve optimal performance. It is, however, undisputed that flying over the lower or upper weight limit has an impact on flight behaviour and handling.

There is a slight change in climbing performance and speed, depending on glider loading within the „re- commended weight range“. However, the glider’s overall performance remains the same throughout the entire weight range.

Pilots that prefer a smaller, more agile canopy with higher speeds, often have the problem that their ‘All Up Weight’ (take-off weigh) is too high on a smaller wing size, and too close to the minimum ‘All Up Weight’ with a larger size.

In order to solve this problem, we underwent certification-testing with gliders in the extended weight range and thus obtained legal certification and EN Rating for the extended weight range. Here the model is test flown in the lower and upper weight ranges. The highest test rating for all three flights then dictates the EN classification, which is valid for all weight ranges.

Note: Using the extended weight range can be used particularly well with gliders from the „entry” range to „mid B“ range, because a higher wing loading has little effect on the wings’ reaction in flight, the EN classification remains the same (Providing the upper weight range is moderately expanded).
If the glider is now flown in the „extended weight range“, the higher wing loading results in a higher trim speed and therefore more dynamic and agile flight behaviour. This is good for alpine thermic conditions and in strong winds. On the other hand, if the glider is flown in the “lower weight range” the paraglider is a little slower, less agile and therefore a little smoother. This is ideal in weak thermic conditions.

This offers new possibilities when it comes to choosing a glider, so that even in the small sizes (e.g. GRAVIS2 in XS or S) heavier pilots, if looking for light “walk & fly gliders”, can retain a EN B Certification.

ICARO Paragliders

Icaro often has gliders in stock with delivery times of 10-14days

If the size and colour of your Icaro Gravis2 is in stock, delivery is 10-14 days. If it needs to be manufactured, the process can take 20-38 days.

Upon placing your order you will first receive an order confirmation email, then Darrell will confirm the expected delivery date of your order.


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